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New hard surface coating ACUREA

The RE-AL precision reamers are presenting with the new fine hard surface coating ACUREA the modern precision reaming. It offers at the same time the very alternative to the carbide reamer.

The Chrome based Nano-composite hard surface coating ACUREA guarantees sharp reamer cutting edges, extended tool life as well as increased reaming qualities.

The ACUREA hard surface coating presents high thermal stability which prevents edge built up, allows high cutting speeds and increases wear resistance on steels, stainless steel, non ferrous metals, plastics, as well as on demanding special alloys, tempered and non magnetic steels, fibre reinforced plastics, high Si content aluminium, Titanium, Tantalum, Graphite.

High toughness and resistance to breakage and impact strength improve the repeatability of the required tolerances and prolong considerably the tool longevity. These unequivocal advantages increase the productivity and regularity of the reaming quality.


The hard surface precision coating of 0.9 µm is based on chromium and guarantees sharp cutting edges over a long tool life.

The very low coefficient of friction 0.4 - 0.3 considerably improves the reaming quality.

The high resistance of oxidation up to 1000°C ensures a very high thermal stability and avoids edge built up on the reamers to enable high reaming speed of between 20-60m/min, depending on the material to be reamed.

High tenacity and bending strength are very well suited for the reaming of interrupted holes and increase the repeatability of the required reaming tolerance.

The micro surface hardness of over 4000HV of the new ACUREA coating offers a high degree of wear resistance.

It presents the ideal reaming hard surface coating for any daily application of material such as stainless steel, non-ferrous material, plastics as well as for demanding special alloys, heat treated and non-magnetic steels, fibre reinforced material, Aluminium with high content of Silicium, Titanium, Tantalum and Graphite.

Technical features

- Reamer: DIN 8089 Ø 6.15 mm
- Tool steel: X155CrVMo 12-1 DIN 1.2379
- Drilled hole: Ø 6.00 mm
- Reamed depth: 12 mm
- Vc = 25m/min, f = 0.15 mm/T
- Ø tolerance H6 = 9 µm

Picture of the wear on the reamer after 400 holes:
acurea usure

Surface finish of the reamed holes N5 (Ra 0.4μm) after more than 400 holes:
acurea rugosite


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