Company profile

RE-AL was founded in 1963 with the aim to fill a growing niche in the market. The company concentrate on the manufacture, development and worldwide distribution of precision reamers and top precision floating holders for high performance reaming.

The former well equipped workshop has become today an efficient factory with a staff of 10 persons. The largely automated production is always precisely controlled and offers a high quality level asked from the needs from our demanding customers, variously coming from watch, medical and dental or airplane, as well as micro mechanic and turning industries.

Our specialities

In addition to the floating holder and the hard surface coating ACUREA well proposed on all our precision reamers, we do realize on request the through coolant for blind or through hole, as well as the end cutting reamers for blind holes from Ø 4 mm. Our floating holder can as well be equipped with through coolant.

We are so replying to the high demands of industry in reaming matter.

Main products

We have followed the technical development of our products and offers today a quality range:

- machine reamers (DIN 212/8089)
- standard surface HSS-E
- hard surface nano-composite coating
- floating holders axis parallel
- special reamers by customer specification
- fast delivery terms (stock!)
- practical advice to the customers.


Adress and contact

Fritz-Oppliger-Strasse 19
CH-2504 Biel/Bienne 
T +41 32 343 34 20


Distribution and sales
SISO-Mecanis AG
Gewerbestrasse 15
CH-4123 Allschwil
T +41 61 481 66 44

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
07.30 – 11.45
13.30 – 17.00

All Orders that arrive before 15h00 will be delivered on the same day.



Herewith you will find some files to download, mainly in PDF, Word or Excel format :

Delivery terms RE-AL
Inquiry-form for special reamers
General catalogue 
icone pdf_4 New: XL-reamers'flyer
alt Recommendations for reaming